Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tags and Mini Things

     Happy Hump Day everyone! If you haven't already checked it out, I uploaded a video this morning. I show off some super tiny projects of mine, including a junk journal! I also show off some of my new little tags I've made, and walk you through making another.

     Want to take a closer, longer look at everything? Go ahead and click the link below for photos!

For some reason the one on the left got cut out of the other photos, so take an IG shot

Our finished product. Looks super cute!

Tiny altoid tin. Super simple but super cute.

Not even an inch tall!

Almost two inches long. I wanted to keep my tiny charms in it.

I don't love how the top of the inside came out but I can always redo it one day!

Tiny journal made out of a perfume bottle box.

The back side

Inside is a little baggie on the cover, and plenty pages full of pockets, tucks, and tags!

Hope you all enjoyed our little DIY today and you could take some inspiration and run with it!

Til the next.

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