Sunday, April 24, 2016

Let's Look at Some Art

     Well, I said it would be fun to fill the LMAJJ journal, so we are well on our way! It's getting fatter, one page at at time. If you haven't already check out the video above to see what we "together" did this time!
     I also promised a bit of a "catch up" photo-wise when it comes to all things art I've done recently. This is a very image heavy post! I've added some LMAJJ pages, my personal art journal close ups and other fun stuff. Go ahead and take a closer, longer look at some of my art by clicking the link below!

Opening up the LMAJJ journal to our new inner cover. Love it! It was done with napkin, one of my new favorite mediums!
A greeting card, and a pocket with a hand made journal card.

One of my favorite pages from our LMAJJ and another page with a tuck spot and hand made journal card. 

Bit of a close up of the random lovely couple. 

Using a stamp I've never tried (LOVE!) and an envelope from a wonderful subscriber <3

Our pretty little art spread. Just love how this came out, the colors are perfect! And pressing the pages together while they were wet made a cool effect.

Shhh...hidden journaling spot! A door that reveals a handmade journal card in a pocket. 

One of our newest pages! A cute heart pocket and a junk journal card. 

Cute handmade journal card on painted paper in a clear pocket. 

The fabulous sticker page (we may need more one day...too fun!) And a quick junk page..Useless, yet super cute.

A collage of my melon, a mini page made from an un-useable envelope page, and an envelope page...huzzah!

A pretty collage of two pretty ladies ;) I really do love this one!

Our new pocket! This came out super cute. I'm so happy I have so many copies of those invites! I'll never get sick of those pictures from my wedding.

She's getting chunkyyyyy!!

Look at all that LOVE!

A quick shot of my husband and I's marriage journal. It really is turning out cute, I may have to show a quick flip some time!

The cover of my mixed media art journal. Made from a fruit snack box.

My first collage in the journal. I found the girl and the wings sitting together, and they had to happen!

Trying out the"layer 900 things and then paint over them and do it again 3x" art technique. It doesn't come through in photos, but you really can see each layer, and it really does make a neat effect! 

My two favorite works of art in this book. Left side is a napkin over plain acrylic paint, plus a few embellishments and outlining in a sakura gelly roll pen.

A close up of some of the details. 

A close up of my favorite piece. I wish I found the tea cup in time! But it really did come together well.

Another fairy girl because adding wings is fun. These ones are 3-D and  can be lifted up to see details under them! I used Martha Stuart butterfly/moth stickers, but ripped off the little body (RIP, butterdude)

My PMDD makes me really angsty for a few days. Reminding myself my eating disorder is not a remedy for anything.

On to my envelope flip book! How cute is that though; seriously.

Flap open and the cute little charm.

A letter pocket, large journal card and some sticky notes!

A journal card with a photo of me and my husband (the card is double sided and the other side can be used for personal journaling!), another journal card, and some washi samples.

Some notepapers and journal cards.

Baker's twine and more journal cards. I really love the colors in these ones!

Thanks so much for taking the time to look at some of my recent art pieces! I hope you enjoyed yourself, and maybe picked up a little inspiration along the way! Have a fabulous start to your week!

Til the next!,

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