Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Playing Catch-Up

     Hey everyone! Long time no blog! I decided to give it a shot again, and try to make sure I actually update here; even if it's just once a week. For right now I just want to chat and catch up on a few things. Later, I want to make a post of all the art we've done in our LMAJJ book, and some of my side projects, so you can all get a closer look at everything! But that requires photos... So for now, let's get caught up a bit otherwise...

      One thing I am trying to do is to take more photos in general. It really hasn't worked out too well..But I at least try! I want to get this blog to be more "personal" in some ways; since I'm not so great at vlogging either!

For a couple of days, the planes and helicopters were practicing their refueling. We get a lot of air shows around here when the army gets to practicing. Sometimes you get to see them, like today. They'll chase each other, or make neat patterns in the sky. Other days you can only hear them doing their top secret maneuvers above the clouds. And sometimes you can REALLY here them when they work on their sonic booms. Not quite as fun.


I also received a pocket letter in the mail! Thank you so much Darcy! She put so much extra effort into it, using little cardboard pieces to keep everything sturdy and safe. And it's just so pretty! This really makes me want to start saving them in a binder; its to pretty to break up the set!

My mom came over to help me with invitations for my husband and I's "Wedding Celebration" party in June, so I wanted to make her a thank you. And I've been wanting to make her a journal for some time now. So I threw together this little guy and she loved it! I made the cover from a candy box, and gave it a coat of paint and dylusion sprays.

 I added a vellum pocket that I used to hold a mini journal card, a tag, and extra large page flags for her to use. 
 The pages are scrapbook paper covers for each signature, and paper from notepads as the "meat" of the journal. I wanted to make sure she had places to write without much extra work for her.

And I threw a picture of the three of us on the inside back cover. This one in particular happens to be from my wedding. I was on my way in the door to get married!

 And, ahhh...it's been pretty warm lately. Today its about 50f or so with a cold breeze. But when I took this photo yesterday, it was almost 70f degrees out! We've been going for a ton of walks...you should follow my Instagram to see all sorts of photos from our walks.
there's a ton of mini waterfalls on the trail we frequent (I have landlocked property on it). Some are man made, but some, like this one, is natural run off from the hill. This, and others, are completely washing out the sides of the trail, but they sure are beautiful regardless. 

Until the next,

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