Thursday, March 3, 2016

Secret Journaling


Thank goodness for cute kittens
     Have you ever had one of those weeks where life reminds you that you just don't have as together as you think? Well, it's my turn this week. On Monday, my fiance, Matthew, came down with what we can only assume is the flu. He's feeling a bit better today (even going to try to go back to work!), but it's been a week of taking care of him, and the house, double time. Then of course, is that whole fiasco with Maker Max... which I'm probably letting get to me just a little too much. And to top it all off...we're set to get married in FIVE DAYS (and I still have no idea what to do with my hair!). Our last week as "singles", and it's been spent in pretty much discomfort between both parties.
     Alright, I'm being dramatic. It's only Thursday. And really in the grand scheme of things, this is just going to be another week we eventually move past and forget. Well, ya know, if it wasn't tied in with the memories of our last week before the wedding.
     BUT! That's looking on the not so bright side of things. The bright side would be that it gives us a ton of ammunition for our next journal projects!
     Seriously! There's nothing like stress and frustration to get the creative juices flowing. I've always found I'm my most creative when I'm my most emotional. But what if your journal is your happy place? Junk Journals are a source of positivity and good feelings for most of us; A place where negative thoughts aren't so welcome. Or maybe you're fine with having them there-- You're just worried someone might see it if they casually glance over, or, heaven forbid, actually flip through!          There are tons of solutions to letting out those negative feelings in terms of journaling. Like making a super secret notebook where only the bad thoughts go...And then you can burn it later. Or simply making a pocket in your Junk Journal, and tucking in a pretty embellished card...with not so pretty words on the back.
     In my next "episode" in my Let's Make a Junk Journal series, let's look at a couple other ways that you can sneak some deep feels into your art.

Click below for photos!

 Now let's all pray together that I don't get sick on my wedding day!
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