Friday, March 18, 2016

Play Time With Acrylics and Dylusions!

     Last week I got some super awesome packages from some super awesome ladies, and I know you all have been dying to see what I've been up to with all the goodies I received! There are just so many different things that I can do now, and it's almost overwhelming! I have really been playing in every sense of the word, with all the different mediums available to me now. So many things I haven't used since I was a teenager, and so many things I've never tried before at all; I've been doing a little bit of everything to see what calls to me the most.
     My first discovery while playing Mad Art Scientist was that white Dylusion Spray is literally everything. And that Dylusions in general are something I now know I can no longer live without. That bubble gum pink is just so vibrant and fun, and the different effects you can get; from drips, to marbling, to watercolor like painting...oh, it's addictive.
     Check out the video below to see some different projects I've been working on PLUS a fun paint and spray process of an old mail ad. Then click the Read More below to see close ups of the finished painted product, and what I've done to with it so far!

Closed up


Outside opened up


The cards (I still have one left to paint)

Little card details

Large card detail. Wish you could see the acrylic glitter!

Other sides of the cards

Close up of my favorite card. Embossed moon stamp. I need a rocket!

My other favorite card.

Til the next!

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