Monday, March 28, 2016

Our Wedding Story

     Today you're going to be getting TWO videos! First up, I wanted to get a little personal with you all...Not like that! But I wanted to show everyone my (almost) finished wedding project and tell you the story of how it all happened...and how we got to where we did. And ok; its the super abridged version, I can't go through an entire 5 years in a few minutes, but its still my favorite story to tell.
     I also thought I'd give you guys a quick flip of my personal junk journal. I did one not too long ago, but I've finished a few pages and thought it'd be a good time to give it a flip now that I don't do my pages in chronological in this book. Again; lots of wedding stuff! I can't help it; It was truly my own fairy tale that I'm still reliving every day! Check out the video below for all that!

      And because I couldn't wait any longer---I HAVE to show you the happy mail that inspired the "door" in our YouTube Junk Journal! This package was absolutely so fun to go through, and packed full of inspiration! Thank you again so much, D.!

(And for those wondering; the flip book is where I'm putting poetry and quotes now!)

     Thanks again so much to everyone! Have a fabulous week!



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