Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Lots of Goodies!

   Happy Tuesday, everyone ;) Well, it's been one week since we got married! It's been a great week; Matt is feeling better, The Walking Dead put out another epic episode, and I got some really amazing packages from some really amazing people. I'll be filming and editing a wedding video this Thursday, so watch out for that!

     First, if you haven't already, check out the amazingly generous happy mail I received from OregonJocy of YouTube and @ SnailMailScrapper of Instagram!  I am so beyond grateful, everything is so amazing...and I CANNOT stop playing! I'll have a video up soon on what I've been doing, too!

Check the Read More for the rest...PHOTOS and ANOTHER VIDEO!

Added to my teeny collection! Beautiful! <3

So many fabulous bits!

Playing with the paints and sprays...And embossing for the FIRST TIME!

My new heat tool. I LOVE it. It could be hotter but it's great for embossing powders because its a gentle air.

Stickers from Roxanne

     I was a little late on posting this blog about the happy mail because I wanted to post it together with my haul---They were both filmed the same day! After an amazing trip to the P.O., I also got to stop at my favorite free thrift shop in town to help sort some stuff...and take some home!

     My luck just did not run out! I cam across a beautiful Vera Bradley bag, brand new boots (that feel like I'm wearing soft, warm pillows on my feet), and other awesome goodies! But the best part of the whole thing was getting to hang out with my mom for the first time since my name changed. What a strange feeling to have a different name than your own mother after 27 years!

     Alright guys, it's almost 1:00 P.M., and I haven't eaten yet (of course)...So I'm off to stare into the kitchen and hope something cooks itself. Is it the future yet?

     Til the next!


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