Monday, March 7, 2016

Junk Journal Page!

     I'm sorry if this is poorly written, but....guys.....I'm getting married tomorrow! It still hasn't completely hit me yet. My family that's coming to the wedding is here. My grandma and mom are picking up a bouquet for me in the morning. My grandma brought me my something borrowed (an antique opal bracelet). My dad asked to walk me down the aisle. Bu it didn't start to feel real until, while dropping me off, my mom reminded me the next time I sit in her truck, we won't be sharing the same last name. I've had this name for 27 years, it's impossible to think it's really going to be something different. How is this all really happening tomorrow? When did this become my life?
     To us, this is just a continuation of our life together. We decided a few years ago that this was it. We weren't ever getting married, but we vowed to each other that we were committed. This really is a ceremony of our love for each other. To be a family, officially. It's been a stressful week to the finish line, but here we go. One more short sleep, and I will be....well...married!

Anyway, on to the art!
     If you haven't seen it already, this would be the newest installment of "Let's Make a Junk Journal" on my channel! This time I use a bunch of tiny goodies that I have been holding onto for too long, go crazy with the Modge-Podge,...but I made ART!
Check the Read More below for closeups of the journal pages done in the video.

whoops, its upside down, lol!

When gluing goes wild.

The collage! I think it came out awesome!

Love all the different dimensions and layers.

Love <3

Til the next!

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