Saturday, March 12, 2016

I GOT MARRIED!!! (And playing in my giant J.J.)

     We did it! We're officially married. And I cannot tell you how absolutely weird it is. I still feel like I'm barely over 17, how the heck could I be someone's wife? The wedding was just amazing, even if it was very small. The people at the town hall set up an arch and flowers for us to marry under. And hearing, Matthew (my husband, omg!), say our vows (which happen to be from the Corpse Bride) made me smile like an idiot before I caught myself. It was all so surreal and I can't help but beam whenever I think of it. I'll have an official video post of our wedding; how we did it, clips if the vows, and everything in between.
     But until then here is a video of the wedding album I've been working on (and my Junk Journal because why not). Also a bit of a mail haul and a giant THANK YOU to Roxanne for the gorgeous wedding stickers!

     I also thought I would give you guys a quick update on the Maker Max Studios situation. They had originally told me, several times, that I was looking at the YouTube numbers wrong. That I was not accounting for the cut that YouTube takes. Well, except...I was. You see, there are two different numbers YouTube gives you (ok, there's more like 9, but for this scenario...). One number is what we make all together, and the other one is the number after YouTube takes it's cut from all different platforms--YouTube Red, ads, fan funding-- That's the "estimated revenue" that a YouTuber first sees. Therefore, Maker was of course, wrong. As always. So I asked again, and explained the difference in the YouTube numbers, letting them know I'm not an idiot, and I can in fact read. I finally got a response that it does in fact look like they left out my YouTube Red earnings AND my Transactions Earnings (which is Fan Funding), and that they're going to send it to the next department for further investigation. Basically- I was right, they were wrong, and I'll probably never see my money again. But I will hold out hope that they've seen the forum posts, and that they're aware of the videos, and that they're willing to set it right. I won't speak highly or well of them, but it would be a step forward to keeping me away from the support tickets for a little while.

     Enough business. On to the fun stuff. Below the cut in the Read More is close ups of the journals as well as some wedding photos (But only because Debbie W. asked ;) )

Me and my parents when I arrived.

Mind you, I'm 5'6 and in 5" heels. And I'm still short. 
The ceremony
Happy goobers

I don't like regular cake, so a cheese cake was made for us by my grandpa's girlfriend!

With my parents. My momma is so pretty. 

We had our reception at  Delmonico's. My brother in law told us to hold hands and be cute. 

My two favorite men in the world.--My little cousin, my husband and I.

Thanks for watching and reading...and most of all for everyone's continued support in my YouTube and my personal life!!!

 'Til the next!,
xoxo Mrs. Drake ;)

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